Pitcher Partners wanted us to run a personal branding program aimed at creating a team of innovative thinkers. So we entered the workshop, guns blazing, with the intention of shifting the relationship between financial services provider and client from a transactional to a consultative approach. Win for client, win for the company.                                                                       

The team learned how to apply a customer-centred approach to their personal brands, develop and pitch their career story and create networks inside and outside Pitcher Partners that will ultimately build business for the firm. Higher management wanted the employees to take ownership of their career and grab the bull by the horns, so to speak, driving their own success to new heights.

Let it be known, we don’t just stand around chatting. During the course of the program, each team member made contact with one potential mentor, designed and delivered their personal pitch, tried their hand at blogging relevant and shareable content to build their online networks and wrote an epic, best-selling novel available in good bookstores soon*!

We covered:

  • User interviews
  • Empathy techniques for clients
  • The importance of mentors
  • Building a personal board of advisors
  • Finding and creating events that could lead to new business
  • Innovative ways to build community and connections for Pitcher Partners

NB: By novel, we mean 200-word LinkedIn bio. Same difference.