NB: not the animal; the football team. We work with humans only (at this stage).

This was a fun experience. The brief? To map the fan experience, design opportunities to improve it and increase membership. We needed to help develop a clear and concise market segmentation specific to North Melbourne Football Club fans, including creating a compelling narrative and value proposition to make the fans go wilder, i.e. match-day participation for Victoria and Tasmania.

How to know what the fans want? Get in their heads. Over the course of the program, we developed a match-day model to strengthen alignment of fans’ needs and preferences, prioritising match-day and community engagement activities to maximise supporter and membership growth. Ultimately, this all leads to further commercial opportunities, which means $$$.

We did some cool stuff:

  • In-depth user interviews with members to gain invaluable insight into the fan experience, plus customer profiles for analysis
  • Behaviour maps of ‘user journeys’ outlining the match-day experience and highlighting critical areas of opportunity to improve the fan experience
  • Guided NMFC staff through Creative Ideation and Prototyping, with the effect of generating new ideas and teaching methods for thinking BIG and implementing FAST

This program was centred on design-thinking approach and techniques, from getting the right idea to getting the idea right in a four-part process:

  1.  Discover needs
  2.  Define direction
  3. Design solutions
  4. Deliver results

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