Design Jam

What's it all about?

Our Design Jam is a rapid 2 hour design doing program where you get to participate in the Design Thinking journey at speed. It is less learning and more doing.

In this session we will ask you to challenge your current way of thinking as you set out to develop a solution to a specially crafted social challenge.  We will ask you to consider; What aspect of your challenge gives the greatest opportunity? Are you addressing your user’s needs? Have you thought about how you are going to build and test your idea?

This is for you if:

  • You want a rapid introduction to Design Thinking
  • You want to dip your toe into the Design Thinking world
  • You want to practice collaborative design
  • You are looking to try your hand at experimenting in a safe environment
  • You want to experience a new approach to problem solving

You will experience:

  • Applying the Design Thinking framework to a social challenge.
  • Developing insights through rapid research.
  • Identifying insights through the rapid synthesis of research findings.
  • Ideating solutions using a 'survival of the fittest' approach.
  • Storyboarding & rapid prototyping to bring your solution to life.
  • Playing back your design story.


What will you do?

You will work with your fellow design jammers to solve a carefully crafted design challenge using tools we have handpicked from the designers toolkit.


Design Jam image.JPG

Design Jam Description

  1. Understand the challenge

  2. Prioritisation of the main challenge

  3. Idea generation and refining

  4. Storyboard & prototype

  5. Roleplay, observe & feedback

  6. Refine your design

  7. Present

  8. Feedback

Endorsements for Design Jam  

Design Jam is the perfect way to introduce participants to the methodologies behind design thinking in a fun, non pressure environment. 
- Bec LeSoeuf, Design Jam participant