Design Thinking Boot Camp

What You Will Learn

Our extremely popular Design Thinking Boot Camp is the ultimate one day immersive introduction to human-centred design.  You will learn how use this methodology and mindset to identify opportunities, solve complex challenges and drive innovation in your organisation.

You will learn techniques to better understand your customers and design things they really want as you get hands-on practice using the framework end-to-end on a specially crafted business challenge.  

What you will get: 

  • Practical instruction from expert design thinking facilitators 

  • Access to our design thinking digital toolkit 

  • Guidance on how to take design thinking back to your workplace 

  • A common language for problem-solving


Upcoming Boot Camps

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Last Boot Camp for 2018


Walk away understanding how to: 


  • Develop deep insights through empathetic research

  • Make sense of large amounts of data through design synthesis

  • Reframe a challenge based on your research

  • Bring ideas to life and test them using rapid prototyping tools

  • Tell an engaging design story



Discover whether you’re solving the right problem.
Define a meaningful challenge to solve.
Create quick but helpful prototypes
To iterate and get feedback on an idea and make it better.
Better understand your customers.

Gain inspiration through tools like empathy mapping and user interviews.

Your Boot Camp Journey

  1.  Intro

  2.  Understand Design Thinking and the way it can solve problems

  3. Introduce a design challenge

  4. Discovery - the why and the how

  5. Defining your challenge - creating insights & reframing

  6. Reflecting on the problem space - are you solving the right problem?

  7. Develop your solution through ideation

  8. Build your user need 

  9. Create a rapid prototype 

  10. Get feedback from your users

  11. Iterate on your design based on feedback

  12. Delivery - build the next iteration of your prototype


Happy Bootcampers  

“For me (bootcamp) was really great. I'm setting up a human-centred design capability for Coles, and it was important for me to understand the process of DT and be part of that process - not just understanding words and theory, but also the practical application as well. The learnings were really practical and it means I can now mentor the process as it's unfolding here."

Melissa Ross
Head of Human Centred Digital Design

“Design Thinking Boot Camp exceeded my expectations. We did practical work and examples throughout entire process, and we got the opportunity to apply some of the techniques, rather than just listening to the theory."

Melanie Giddings
Product Manager

“I thought it was a great introductory session to the language and the tools of design thinking. It was hands on and engaging for people who had different learning styles. I can apply my learnings to my day to day in two dimensions. Firstly, in my personal working style. Secondly, the mindset and methodology we take at looking at different business opportunities."

Mark Augello
Retail Innovation Lead