Intrapreneurship Program

Tomorrow’s world of work ecosystems will be driven by the increasing ranks of intrepreneurs.”
— Forbes

What's it all about?

The learning and development landscape is changing. The pace of change within the world of work means that supply of talented and creative problem solvers is running low. Now more than ever we need to equip people with the skills of the future.

The Naked Ambition Intrapreneurship is a cutting edge program centred around developing people to be more creative in their approach to problem solving. In this program participants will have the opportunity to work together collaboratively to use Design Thinking methodologies and tools to solve real business challenges as well as focusing on their own learning and development.

The first three modules focus on the an ability to refine your personal story, develop and foster strong professional connections and build your personal brand online and offline. In the second phase, the focus shifts to working in teams to learn and practice Design Thinking as a creative problem solving tool.

Throughout the program participants will be provided with workshop sessions in which Naked Ambition will teach and demonstrate tools and methods that they will then take and put into practice individually and with their teams.  Coaching sessions are provided across the learning program and are designed to provide guidance on achieving goals, to provide additional guidance on the effective use of methods and tools and importantly to reflect on the learning journey.


    When can having more creative leaders help?

    • You are uncertain about the customers/market needs
    • You have little sense of likely outcomes
    • You have not seen this type of problem before
    • You have no hypotheses to test (yet)!
    • Your usual source of data and analytics will not help you find a solution


    This program is for organisations and people if:

    • You want to build your creative leadership capabilities
    • You know you need to innovate but are not sure where to start
    • You find ambiguity and decision making are causing road blocks to progress
    • You are not sure how to go about user research
    • You know some problem solving tools but are unsure when and how they are best used
    • You want to understand the right thing to build before you build the right thing
    • You want your team to experience a new approach to problem solving

    The Experience

    Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 3.39.12 pm.png

    You will learn how to:

    • Develop and foster strong professional connections
    • Build an industry reputation for thought leadership
    • Know how to turn research into information into insights to better lens on business challenges
    • Gain a creative, systematic approach to complex problem-solving
    • Gain an effective capability for experimentation to validate what is desirable
    • Better influence decisions about innovation investments
    • See things from a global perspective and influence change
    • Work collaboratively and learn how to lead a team through a real business challenge

    What will you do?

    You will work with your fellow co-creation participants on a real business challenge using tools we have handpicked from the designers toolkit.



    Happy Client Stories  

    We would never have got to such a holistic solution and have been open to changing and adapting it. We can take on the stakeholders' views and test things now - we can take the steps and move things forward.

    -Sam Priestly, Evans & Partners

    Naked Ambition has brought an innovative and original slant on leadership to Evans and Partners and helped emerging leaders in the firm build valuable skills that will help us continue to lead our market. Their design thinking workshops have helped us to increase engagement, promote collaboration and identify opportunities for innovation.
    -Parrish Davis, COO, Evans & Partners