What it’s about

Experiential Play

Lego® Serious

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is a radical, innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance. It is based on the belief that everyone can contribute to the discussion, the decisions and the outcome.


At its core, this program is about solving complex issues by building models using LEGO® bricks. The metaphors in the models serve as the basis for group discussion, knowledge sharing and problem solving and help foster creative thinking and finding unique solutions


LEGO® is such an adaptable and versatile business tool that it can be used in lots of different ways in a session. When used for creating metaphors, you can think of it like a catalyst which speeds up the process of getting to the core of a business challenge.

Who is this for

An Organisation that Wants to Improve Group Problem Solving

At Naked Ambition the team loves working with LEGO® because we see LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® as a 3D conversation which balances the speaking and the doing, giving all participants a voice and really opening up an honest and effective dialogue across teams and even across whole organisations.

LEGO® is such an adaptable and versatile business tool that it can be used in lots of different ways in a session. Organisations use Lego® Serious Play® when:

  • The subject is complex and multifaceted and there is a need to grasp the bigger picture, find connections and explore options and potential solutions
  • There are no obvious answers
  • You would like to gain new learning, insights and new ways of thinking

Expected Outcomes: The Best Possible Solution

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology

Are effective when there is more than one possible right answer, and when the organisation wants to harness all available knowledge in the team in order not only to find the best possible solution but also to get the strongest possible commitment. A partial list of challenges Lego® Serious Play® will help your organisation includes:

Business Model
Team Building
& Alignment
Generating new ideas
& future thinking
Identifying &
Commiting to
shared Goals
Creating new
Storytelling and
Decision making

All those years of playing with Lego® is about to payoff with more than a castle or motorcycle.