Marketing & Operations Manager

Lou Desroches

Lou is Naked Ambition’s marketing & operations manager.                                                                                                          Originally from France, she embraced the Aussie lifestyle about 6 years ago.

She is a multidisciplinary worker, natural leader, who has gained experience and knowledge from a broad range of industries, like heritage & art to hospitality and even diplomacy.

Her self-taught spirit has brought her to work at Naked Ambition and embrace a complete career change, becoming a digital marketing apprentice, social media guru and operations expert.

Lou is particularly interested in changing the future of work, where new ways of working, well-being and design thinking would be used as simple tools to make a real change in today’s world. She is dreaming about workplaces where strong work ethics, a culture of mindfulness, innovation and design would allow the employee experience to become more meaningful.

Outside of work, Lou is also a yoga & meditation teacher and a passionate epicurean who loves cooking.