Personal Branding series

Part 1 - The art (and science) of telling your personal story

A well-developed career narrative is the foundation of your personal brand, whether your clients are external customers or internal team members in your organisation.

In short, your people and their story are part and parcel with your company’s offering. This is a critical part of the growth of the company, attracting new business and building outstanding products and services.

This session gives team members a chance to get clear on their own personal narrative, build their influential professional brand and learn more about each other and how they can leverage the individual strengths of each team member.


This module covers:

  • The art (and science) of storytelling in business – why and how storytelling can lead to better professional outcomes

  • How to create a powerful career story that will resonate with clients and across your professional network

  • Using your personal narrative to build your value proposition

  • How to pitch yourself to clients in person and online


  • A 200 word personal biography to use online and in person

  • A compelling, natural elevator pitch about yourself

  • Connecting your personal story with the values of your organisation

  • Articulation of your unique experience and expertise in your current role

  • A good understanding of LinkedIn basics and how you can use them to build your brand



 Image credit: Aaron Burden

Image credit: Aaron Burden

Part 2 - Knowing your client

As a leader in your company, you’re constantly thinking about what your team, business or product offering could look like in the future.

Understanding what your customers want and need is critical in building a personal and company brand that speaks to them

The value proposition canvas is a practical tool to better understand a specific customer segment and examine truly what would help satisfy their needs.


This module covers:

  • Understanding the needs of your key clients: Who are they? What are their major challenges? What are they trying to accomplish both engaging with your company and from a broader point of view?
  • How can your current offering answer that need
  • Where do the opportunities for better client engagement and communication exist
  • How you can communicate with your client on their terms, get inside their head and anticipate their needs


  • Clearly defined and mapped customer profiles (avatars) for specific segments
  • Introduction and thinking on ways to innovate using your customer profile
  • Clearly identified gaps and opportunities for un-met or under -serviced customer needs
  • Communication tools to continue

Part 3 - Building Your Platforms

Social media presents a huge opportunity for your team to connect with clients and better understand your market by inviting discussion. Today, people are far more than just employees, they are ambassadors for your company and can listen and speak on behalf of your brand.

A team trained in social media strategy can have a well recognized reach in the market, bring fresh ideas to the company day after day and stay engaged with their customers and each other.


This module covers:

  • Creating content clients want and need
  • Choosing and using social medias channels that are right for your client profiles
  • Building and managing your community
  • Creating a communication strategy and blogging for business


  • Expert platforms complete in session (LinkedIn profile and groups/Twitter)
  • Consistent messaging from the whole team across the platform
  • Blogging for Business: practical experience in creating customer focused content
  • Co-ordinated social media strategy for your team
  • Autonomous management of social media groups and communities

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Endorsements for Personal Branding

I really liked that we walked out with something tangible to show for it.
- Christine Tran was speaking on getting her profile sorted for LinkedIn