Meet Our Team

Fiona Triaca

As the founder of and CEO of Naked Ambition, Fiona is dedicated to co-creating and delivering outcomes for her clients.

As the host of the “Naked Innovation Podcast,” Fiona is always speaking with Australia’s most successful corporate innovators and is passionate about sharing learnings and stories about what worked and what didn’t – the ‘even better ifs’.

Together with the Naked Ambition team, Fiona develops and delivers dynamic training experiences that have been recognised by industry bodies AITD Best Training and Development Program 2017 Finalist.

Prior to founding Naked Ambition, Fiona worked in London’s financial markets where she gained exposure to corporate change and corporate strategy. Her unique experience and creativity have armed her with a holistic toolset that supports her clients to make the change they want to see in their companies and organisations.

Fiona is a champion of design thinking in Australia. She regularly speaks and facilitates on the subject with emerging leaders and boards.

Her passion for design thinking has led her to develop new methods and programs that elevate and challenge the entire profession.

Nigel Quinlan

Nigel is an experience designer, strategist and facilitator at Naked Ambition. He specialises in User Experience (UX) for digital experiences and design research.

He brings deep design thinking understanding and empathy to each organisational challenge, is unafraid of ambiguity and is always ready to tackle a complex challenge. Nigel helps teams understand and embrace the mindsets and methods of design thinking to progress and to develop solutions that serve the needs of their users.

He has over 3000 hours of facilitation to his name, and has extensive workshop experiences with diverse groups from corporates, to not-for-profits and at all levels from front line service staff up to C-suite.

Prior to joining Naked Ambition Nigel was the designer in residence for the full-time User Experience program at General Assembly in Melbourne and continues to speak to the UX classes there on a regular basis.

Nigel’s experience positions him well to understand not only what your customers want but how to design an experience they will love.

John Hibble

John is a practitioner and educator in design & facilitation and in visualisation. He has designed and facilitated collaborative workshops in both public and private sectors in fields as diverse as banking, universities, insurance, property, transportation, environment, health & community services.

As an expert in collaboration and visual storytelling, his role is to bring an ocular component to Design Thinking-for those who are more ‘visual learners.’

John is a co-founder of The Facilitation Starter, a learning program to make facilitation skills more accessible to people who are new to facilitation.

He is also the co-author of “Collaboration by Design’, a new practitioner’s field guide on design and facilitation.

If seeing really is believing you will love working with John. The visual dynamism he gives projects is something to indeed behold.

Kirsten Billings

Kirsten discovered the wonders of Design Thinking and Human Centred Design following a sixteen year career in the fashion industry and consumer trend forecasting space.

Since joining the team at Naked Ambition in 2016 her role includes sales, marketing, events and social media. She specialise in listening to and learning about our client’s needs, what they really want and making sure that they feel like valued VIP’s from their very first engagement.

Her passion is to engage clients and exceed their expectations.

Kate O’Keeffe

Kate is one of Naked Ambition’s innovation advisors. Her diverse experience and keen insight gives Naked Ambition’s Design Thinking practice a unique edge over the competition.

She is the Founder of Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs – known as CHILL.

CHILL is helping Cisco redefine how ideas come to fruition, condensing up to two years of normal innovation into just two days. CHILL brings together a handful of Cisco’s customers—along with entrepreneurs, hackers, and end users—in a 48-hour lab focused on a particular industry challenge.

Since CHILL’s inception, a full 75% of projects have progressed to further stages, including to CHILL-X, a process that creates startups from scratch.

Dara Simkin

Dara considers herself a play pioneer and supports Naked Ambition clients with finding more connection, innovation and creativity in their work.

She is in the business of transcending the work-play dualism, to make room for purpose and mastery in the workplace. She helps teams harness play to solve complex challenges in new ways.

As a highly experienced facilitator, Dara brings diversity of thought, unique energy and enthusiasm to create a safe, supportive and playful space.

A true kid at heart, she believes play is something baked into our DNA and something we should never lose.