The ambitious (naked) team!

Yep we’re a bunch of experience designers, innovation strategists, service and UX designers, and visual storytellers.

A trait shared by our team is that we’re masters of our craft – yet always on the hunt for more information. Never out of fresh ideas, we’re eternal learners, go-getters and (sometimes) wine drinkers.

Hold on – hear us out!

That’s where all of this started, after all: Naked Ambition was born out of the meeting of minds over a bottle of rose… discussing the future of work and human behaviour.

Instil the joy of a little happy dance by getting in touch with us about your next project:

And for the last 7 years, we’ve been partnering with companies like yours to innovate, explore, experiment and building products people love to use. We’ve created:

  • programs that deliver new products and services for new and existing customers
  • we worked to define and implement innovation strategies
  • we disrupted customers perception across industries like health, energy and finance

And behind it all, driving it all, are these people.

Say g’day to Naked Ambition’s finest: