Mapping The Candidate Experience At Cbus Super

As we sat in a corner meeting room in 2 Lonsdale Street on a Tuesday afternoon three months ago, wrapping up a customer interview, one statement summed up what this work is all about.

“You know what I really want? I want to our company to be the shining example of candidate experience. I want people to tour our offices to learn from our culture, like they do the Silicon Valley start-ups.”

Less than one month into the process and Rod Roberts, Cbus Talent Acquisition Partner and part of the ‘design team’ had raised the bar.

Challenge accepted.

This is the kind of enthusiasm for greatness in the enterprise, this seeking to truly serve the customer and for building the future that gives you goosebumps. And there is arguably no better methodology available to make that happen than design thinking.

BUT using design thinking to tackle a service improvement takes work. It takes commitment. It’s a new way of doing things and in some cases you will face opposition for doing something differently.

So why even bother?  

Because a well-executed design thinking project has the power to build culture, promote leadership and instil an innovation mindset in teams that can have far reaching and long-term benefits. Which gives enterprise innovators like Rod the vehicle to bring this passion and vision to life.

The Why

When we partnered with the Cbus Talent Acquisition (TA) team to apply a design thinking methodology it was about future-proofing a critical business function. We were looking at an opportunity. The fund is growing, in-housing functions and expanding specialist areas. The talent acquisition team were looking for ways to enhance the already high level of service their customer had become accustomed to - to ensure this service was not compromised.

They team knew of and were using some of the great digital products available to support the candidate and on-boarding journey, however they wanted to be sure they could create moments of genuine delight for both successful and unsuccessful candidates that felt personal even when automated.

To do this the team needed to understand the customer experience from end-to-end.

The How

Over a period of three months the TA team immersed themselves in the full design thinking process of research, analysis, ideation, prototyping and finally testing a low-fi version of their improved experience on recent hires. In this exercise of co-creation, they learned through doing, from interviewing their client to building out their own customer journey. Each workshop or coaching session included both theory and practice.

 The What

Drawing on all of their design thinking experience and focused fully on the needs outlined by the TA customer the design team prototyped a solution that would allow them to keep candidates engaged through the process and produce maximum moments of delight. This solution will be streamlined using existing digital products and the process delivered:  

·      In-depth qualitative data mapping the needs, pains and priorities of their customer

·      A comprehensive service blueprint detailing the end to end journey of the candidate and enhancements to the service (‘wow’ moments)

·      Collaboration across departments to generate fresh ideas and get project buy-in

The What now

The Cbus talent acquisition team are now equipped with a strong understanding of how to apply design thinking to their everyday operations and as they move into implementation and integration they’ll continue to test their improvements, driving a completely seamless and exceptional candidate experience.

In the words of TA General Manager and project lead Georgie Taylor

"Design thinking has allowed us to truly empathise with and understand our customer needs, pain points and opportunities. Most importantly the skills imparted allow us to replicate this methodology again and again – so we can continue to innovate as a team."

And at Naked Ambition we hope that means innovating all the way to a customer and culture experience that people are lining up in Lonsdale Street to learn about.


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