Getting Naked, Butcher's Paper and The Great Gatsby

Leo cheers to Butcher's Paper

Last weekend the three of us at NA took some time out to partake in one of our all-time favourite activities.

Make eggs, pour filter coffee, pull out the butcher’s paper and let loose.

Scribbles, circles, squares, arrows, multiple question marks, angry exclamation marks, happy smiley faces, rude doodles, all-out chaos.

There is something about thick Textas and 50cm x 58cm of blank white space that seems to free the mind like a milkshake from Thailand.

And we aren’t the only ones…

A friend of ours told us recently a butcher’s paper session is sometimes the only way she can communicate with her business partner and Oprah also is said to be a big fan. Apparently Baz Lurhmann also re-wrote the whole screenplay for The Great Gatsby on 40 pages of 3M*

After the success of these few hours, we have made a rule that we will “indulge” in these sessions once a month. A page per question, writing and shouting until the idea(s) are exhausted.

Why? Because it’s a surefire way to tell if you are hitting the mark or heading off track.

And going off track can be a good thing....though often it's not.

But whatever it takes you - you have to trust it - because the butcher knows.

And the power of butcher’s paper is not limited to business. It also holds the answers to other lingering questions…

From how to structure an essay or tackle a project, right though to deciding whether to take that job.

It’s even useful in relationships – like what to do about a tricky friendship/relationship or how to resolve that lingering issue with your Mum. (TIP: get rid of the butcher’s paper after!)

But for the three of us on that sunny Saturday last week, among the questions posed, resolved and kicked down the road of our favourites was “What’s in a name?”

And we were tickled pink to discover that what was true when we started this journey is now truer than ever before, about what Naked Ambition means to us and we hope you guys too.

So for a NA Rewind – below you will find a piece we wrote a little while ago on what ‘Naked’ means to Naked Ambition.

We hope you enjoy!

*Naked Ambition was not involved in the making of The Great Gatsby and cannot guarantee accuracy of this statement. FT

What does 'Naked' mean to Naked Ambition?

Naked is raw. Naked is vulnerable. Naked is embarrassed. Naked is shameful. Naked is lonely.

But these are learned only associations. In its true form Naked is beautiful. And Naked is the true form.

Naked is natural. Naked is real. Naked is honest. Naked is unpretentious. Naked is free.

We have been taught to hide our nakedness. We have also been taught to hide our assertiveness. Sometimes our voice.  Occasionally our ambition.

Concealing our nakedness comes in many forms: Not voicing our opinion; Not putting our hand up; Not speaking up for those who can’t.

Not pushing forward because perhaps we don’t feel good enough, smart enough, strong enough, powerful enough.

Some of us aren’t even sure what it is that we are desperate to reveal. How to articulate that feeling?   But something just not right. We know that much.

But there is a way back. It means…

Stripping back the layers to reveal what lies beneath. Our passion. Our voice. Our truth. Naked truth.

We are in the midst of an awakening.

So rise up ambitious women. It’s time to get naked.

Fiona @ Naked Ambition x