Mia Klitsas, Co-founder and Director at Millie & More - Makers of Moxie

Mia is Co-founder and Director at Millie & More, the only company that has managed to make tampons and pads fashionable with their brilliant Moxie products.

Mia co-founded the company in 2006, fresh from studying Marketing at RMIT, because she was fed up with the usual cardboard packaging breaking and finding tampons strewn around her bag!

Hello Moxie tins! Simple and ingenious.

Mia is also a top chick and one of those extreme over-achievers that kind of make us wonder what we have been doing all these years! Mia also recently returned from Uganda as part of the One For The Girls Campaign with AFRIPads, where she was educating Ugandan school girls and distributing thousands of AFRIPad Kits. 

Read more about this phenomenal campaign here.. One For The Girls (Warning: goosebump central)

We chatted to Mia before she went O/S about her career journey, her values and what motivates and inspires her…

What are the values that you have always held personally & professionally?
To be honest, ethical and responsible in everything I do. It is how I've been brought up how I conduct myself both personally and professionally. I've dealt with and being confronted by a lot of unethical business-people in my time and it's not at all how I want to be!

Has there ever been a time when you worried these could be compromised?
I have never felt conflicted by these things and you shouldn’t be if you’re being true to yourself, which I believe I am. So I guess my answer would be no, never. But I definitely see how it can happen in business.

We are suckers for goal setting at NA… Have you have always been big on setting goals?Honestly, this is something I'm only really starting to learn how to do well! Earlier on in business when it was all new to me and I was trying to find my feet, I think I spent most of my time just trying to stay afloat! Now it's more about thinking about where I want to be in one, three, five, even ten years’ time. Setting both short and long-term goals allows me to create those visions and strive towards them, giving me some direction along the way.

Was it always a dream of yours to own your own business?
Yes definitely, I think that subconsciously I always knew I would end up doing my own thing. I didn't know what, exactly, but that drive was always there. I knew that the corporate world wasn't for me in the long-term, I didn't feel like my career belonged there.

Moxie is an awesome brand with a strong social conscience - do you think there is a huge move towards this now?  
I feel like there has definitely been a shift towards social responsibility, but I also feel like we have so much further to go as a society. I obviously have a professional interest in women's health and well-being, but also a very personal interest too - particularly given the business I'm in, I've always felt that sense of responsibility and the need to act where I can. Hence, the work we do with The Butterfly Foundation, and more recently our One For The Girls initiative was a natural progression for our business; I'm so pleased that it has given us a platform to generate awareness and gain support from other woman for these incredibly important causes, simply through their consumer choices (for every pack of pads that Moxie sells, we will donate the equivalent amount of locally made, reusable pads to Ugandan school girls who otherwise do not have access to any sanitary products).

If weren’t running Moxie – do you have any idea what career you might be in?
Great question! Wow I don't know. Although I did a marketing degree, I always saw myself doing something creative when I was younger (as in, the arts) - I always wanted to be an author. Who knows, I might pursue that when I retire?!

What would you tell the ‘you’ from your early twenties?
I’d tell myself not to rush things too much, everything will come in time; and, to treat the good things that happen as blessings and the bad things as lessons – everything really does happen for a reason and it all turns ok in the end!

And finally - we are big believers in surrounding yourself with the best people to make things happen - what has been your experience of this?
For me, it hasn't necessarily been about surrounding myself with the "best" people as such, but it has been ALL about surrounding myself with positive people that support me. I can't stress that enough. When I first started Moxie, I was really young (22) and honestly, more people told me that I was crazy and couldn't do it than those who supported me. I soon learnt who my friends were and so I stuck with those that had my back. When the chips are down, negativity isn't going to help you - but support and encouragement will.