The Road Well Travelled

We all know the story…

Finished school. Got a decent score. So we do Commerce/Law/Engineering/Arts. No idea where it’s headed but we’ll figure it out as we go.

The years fly by in a haze of lectures, parties and long holidays. When it’s over we are further than ever from knowing what we really want to do.

So we get that grad job. Looks good on paper. Sounds good at the pub. But we have no idea what we actually do all day.

After year or two we decide this is not the industry we want to be in at all. We vow to take a good look at what we really should be doing.….When we get back from that trip to Europe.

Then we move out with mate. Rent. Bills. We hate the job but tell ourselves we are quitting soon anyway… after we get that bonus, that next payrise.

Maybe we’ll do a post grad?

Then we got a promotion. A chance to live in another city for a few years. An awesome opportunity.

A brilliant distraction.

A few years on and we have a few people under us now. A better title. Better cash.

But we still have no idea what it actually all means. Analyst, Manager, Associate, Senior Associate, Vice President. Carrot. Stick.

We know we have a ‘good’ job and we should feel grateful to have one. Especially “in this climate.”

First world problem. Yes. But then we just can’t shake that feeling, we can’t stop thinking, how did we get here?

Is every job we get now a result of that first one out of Uni that we were only going to do for 12 months?

When will we make the move?

If you see any of yourself in these words – the key thing is it NEVER too late to shake things up.

And this doesn’t have to mean quitting our jobs and volunteering in Asia.

It can be as simple as starting a side project… a passion project with a mate. Something small. Something that could become something much bigger.

Or putting our hand up for that role in the company that we’d love to do – but don’t think we are qualified for.

It might just be taking one step. One step today. Tonight. So tomorrow you are closer to where you DO want to be.

Even if that first step is just a 15 minute video…

It’s our opinion at Naked Ambition that there are very few of life’s conundrums that cannot be solved by a good TEDTalk.

So if the words to the above resonate with you at all (whatever stage you are at) here are a few talks that come highly recommended by us, for you, this Hump Day:

If you’re looking for inspiration and reflection – watch Ken Robinson’s awesome:Schools Kill Creativity

If you need a sharp (and funny) call to action watch Larry Smith’s – Why You Will Fail To Have a Great Career

If you are fired up and ready to do go and make things happen – watch Seth Godin’s –The Tribes We Lead

And finally, if you just need a laugh - watch Kirsten Schaal talking about the evolution of Halloween costumes for women on The Daily Show (Warning – slightly racy content)