Naked Ambition was born out of a meeting of the minds (and dance moves) of Erica Davis and Fiona Triaca. Both were on separate pursuits in the roaring London investment banking scene when they found they shared a passion for the future of work and the rise of the intrapreneur.

Fiona and Erica wanted to create innovative experiences that would change the way people view their careers, to bring more creativity to how they work and give people the tools to get sh*t done and build new products and services.

Naked Ambition now work with some of Australia’s most forward-thinking companies, designing programs to show future leaders how to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to their organisation, innovate from within and build products and services that their customers really want.



Fiona Triaca

With her training in screenwriting, early career in TV production followed by an unlikely segue into investment banking, Fiona has a naturally creative and intuitive style that brings client stories to life. She is passionate about promoting meritocracy, driving innovation and fostering creativity in the workplace. Fiona has performed in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, is a marathon runner and plays the saxophone at a professional level (by professional we mean Year 7, which is almost the same thing).

Erica Davis

Born in Toronto to a Canadian father and an Australian mother, Erica Davis is an early riser, fitness fanatic and podcast junkie. With a love of strategy and a career in finance spanning 10 years and three continents, Erica thrives on seeing people achieve things they never thought possible. When she’s not channelling her inner Tina Fey, she loves immersing herself in Melbourne’s live music (and dumplings) scene.