DESIGN THINKING BOOT CAMP - 14th December 2017


Naked Ambition is your guide

Bear with us, we are just catching our breath from our last Design Thinking Boot Camp. It was our best ever. We shared the most powerful innovation toolset with some very hungry innovators. Without sounding all Katy Perry, due to phenomenal demand, we are pleased to launch our next public bootcamp. For those that missed out on attending the most recent boot camp, you don't want to miss this one!

Design Thinking is the framework to create a culture of innovation in your organisation. In this one-day design thinking boot camp, you’ll bend your brain, have some fun and discover the inner creative problem solver you didn’t know existed.

Learn the fundamental concepts and steps involved in tackling challenges from a design thinking perspective, and see your organisational challenges through a new lens. You’ll spend the day learning by doing and go back with tools to help your organisation or team innovate through design thinking.

Who is it for?

  • Enterprise innovators
  • Leaders of teams
  • People who want to better understand design thinking for their every day work

What you'll get

  • An early morning wake up call from our design gurus, breakfast in bed and door to door transport to our private design island*
  • Unlimited waffles all day*
  • Rich – quick*

(*Not true)


What you’ll really get

Discover whether you’re solving the right problem.
Define a meaningful challenge to solve.
Better understand your customers.
Gain inspiration through tools like empathy mapping and user interviews.
How to map a customer journey.
Find opportunities to create wow moments in your customer experience.

Techniques to lead and take part in creative ideation.
So you get out of the cycle of coming up with the same old ideas.
Create quick but helpful prototypes (for any type of solution, not just apps!)
To iterate and get feedback on an idea and make it better.
Identify specific business areas for innovation.
What specific elements you can integrate into your ongoing practice of creativity and innovation.

Who You'll Meet

  • Your inner designer
  • Big thinkers and intrapreneurs that want to bring about change and fresh thinking in their organisation


What you won't get

  • Boots or camping (despite the name)
  • Bored
  • Useless theory that isn’t practical – all the tools and skills we use during the day are things you can take back to your team or company and start applying straight away

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Places are limited and usually go quickly!

14th December 2017
from 8:45 AM to 4:45 PM (EDT)

The Hub, Melbourne, 696 Bourke St.


Some words from our happy Boot Campers


Design Thinking Boot Camp exceeded my expectations.  We did practical work and examples throughout entire process, and we got the opportunity to apply some of the techniques, rather than just listening to the theory.

Melanie Giddings, Product Manager at Telstra


 For me, Boot Camp was really great! I'm setting up a human-centred design capability for Coles, and it was important for me to understand the process of Design Thinking and be part of that process.The learnings were really practical and it means I can now mentor the process as it's unfolding here."

Melissa Ross, Head of Human Centred Digital Design at Coles


 I really enjoyed the session.  It was a very good foundational understanding of the Design Thinking process and fundamentals.  The way that Fiona and Nigel took us through each step was really helpful.

Karen Marshall, Marketing & Innovation Manager at McCormick Food


Boot Camp answered my question about what is Design Thinking.  The best part is that I can apply it to my business environment and it will also help in my world of consulting.  It’s applicable – Applicability is what’s important to me.

Simone McComas, Director Strategy & Markets at EY


I think the major thing to come out was to really understand the problem and to really solve the consumer's problem.  That part is probably the most important part that we'll take away… We are now aware that we now need to drill down to ensure that research is done.

Neil Larson, Winemaker at Tahbilk Winery

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If you have any questions or need more advice on what the course can offer, we are here to help.

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