Our completely customised workshops and seminars show future leaders how to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to their organisation, innovate from within and challenge traditional thinking to shape their industry. 

These are some of our most popular offerings. 

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Technology has forever altered the way we communicate ideas, network and do business. 

Today people are much more than just employees. They are brand ambassadors. They can listen and speak for the company brand. They represent their company’s brand in everything they do. 

Drawing on fundamental personal branding principles and the latest social media trends for business, this intensive workshop will guide participants step-by-step through the essentials required to build a powerful digital profile and personal brand.


Our Design Thinking Innovation sessions recognise that we need new and unique methods to identify opportunities and overcome challenges.

In this workshop participants will learn about the principles of innovation and design thinking and how these tools can be used to expand what you think you know about solving business problems. 

By crowd-sourcing the collective knowledge, diversity and experience of people in the room, our #CareerHacks format is about challenging old ways of thinking and coming up with innovative and exciting solutions.


Needing a dose of career inspiration and a personalised strategy to make your career impact?  

We'll work with you to set and smash your goals and show you how to raise your profile. You’ll learn how to connect to the key influencers that can boost your career and get closer to industries you’re passionate about.

Because life’s too short not to love your work.