Co-design goes beyond consultation. It is about true collaboration with customers in the design process. Our approach to co-design is unique in that we bring a ‘teach you to fish’ mentality to every co-design engagement with our clients.

What is Co-Design?

It's about creating and building with your customers.

Whether that is an external customer, or your own people, by including them in the design process you can ensure the end product is something that they want and need.

What does our co-design process look like?

At the beginning of the co-design process our goal is work with you to:

  • Understand the opportunity or challenge. Let’s ensure we are solving the right problem
  • Assemble design team and identify key stakeholders. Who should be involved in the design proves. We look at the 3C’s of collaboration here.
  • Educate the team on the process we’ll be using and ensure we have common understanding of the goals of the project

Once the stage is set we’re in the world of design and the process from here can be as varied as the challenges. While it’s never a completely linear process, our co-design process will include the 4 key design thinking phases of Discover (Research), Define (Synthesis), Develop (Ideation & Prototyping) and Delivery (Testing and Implementation).

What can you expect after Co-Designing with Naked Ambition?

Some of the many epic benefits:

  • A better understanding of customers and team’s needs
  • More efficient decision making
  • Greater collaboration between departments and customers/end users
  • Generation of more original ideas
  • Faster validation of ideas or concepts
  • Time and money savings on development and implementation
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Liza Greenwood
Program Manager, Innovation & Pricing

Naked Ambition listened to us and were able to create a tailored training program that really worked for our people – the resulting boot-camp was jam-packed, fun and great learning experience. We’ve had fantastic results too – many of our people are now confident using design thinking techniques and are applying them to all sorts of problems and ideas.

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Pallavi Shinde
People Development Specialist

We engaged Naked Ambition to deliver our high profile innovation program, the CEO Think Tank.

Both, Fiona and Nigel, delighted us in every interaction; always supportive of our ideas and truly listening to our expectations, helping us turn this into a bigger and better program for 2018.

As design-thinking experts and innovators, they totally own the room at every facilitation session. Our participants love them, and so do we!

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Robert Leach
Ormond College, The University of Melbourne
Vice Master

I was absolutely thrilled with the innovative Design Thinking program that Nigel and the Naked Ambition co-designed with us for our students at Ormond College. The 8 week course was hugely popular, it had an excellent attendee rate. Feedback from the students was that not only did they feel engaged and get learn important new skills and mindsets to prepare them for their future careers in modern workforce – but they had fun too!


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13 November, 2018

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