What is a Design Jam?

A design jam is a great way to practice collaborative design in the time it takes for a long lunch. Our Design Jam is a rapid 2-hour design doing program where you get hands-on experience with Design Thinking - at speed!

Design Jam

It is about collaboration, experimentation, innovation, co-operation and maybe even a sprinkling of competition.

At the end of the jam each group has a prototype that they have tested and iterated on. It is a spirit of action, of bringing ideas to life.

Things that won’t happen at a jam…

  • You feel bored. No way, things are happening too fast.
  • You are overwhelmed by powerpoint slides. Not ever, less talking, more doing.

Design jam process

Who is this for

The Curious

  • Join us for a Design Jam if you want:
    • a rapid introduction to Design Thinking
    • to dip your toe into the Design Thinking world
    • to practice collaborative design
    • to try your hand at experimenting in a safe environment

Expected Outcomes: your new way of problem solving

After the desgin jam session your new skill-set will include:

Apply the design thinking framework to social challenges
Developing insights through rapid research
identifying insights through the rapid synthesis of research
identifying solutions using a ‘survival of the fittest’
storyboarding & rapid prototyping to bring your solution to life
playing back your design story

A design jam, nothing to do with the sugary, fruity goodness that is sitting at the back of your cupboard. Everything to do with empowering the people in your organisation to design and collaborate.