What are Design Sprints?

A four day process to solve complex business challenges and test out brave new ideas.

A Design Sprint uses a step-by-step process which allows your team to work together collaboratively and test new ideas.

It is a powerful process and the great thing is that it works whether you are a startup or a large organisation.

In a design sprint you have the right people come together to build, test and learn and make real progress. Put simply, with a sprint you can build better products or services, faster.


We run our design sprints using the best facilitation and design thinking tools and processes available.

Through careful planning, helping you select the right big challenge to bring into the sprint, curating the best team and having a guided process, we can make your sprint an enjoyable and productive experience for everyone involved.


Working together, alone. An efficient and democratised way of working, allowing everyone to work towards the same goal without discussing what they are doing until the end.

Making ideas tangible. Removing interpretation by visualising what you need to talk about. Having something tangible to help you to focus the discussion.

Starting is better than being right. Going from one exercise to the next is more important than making everything perfect. Stopping to second guess if we are right or not is going to kill the momentum and we want to avoid this.

Not relying on creativity. In a sprint, the process allows for creativity but it doesn’t rely on creativity. It has a framework to allow creative solutions to be identified.

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5 Reasons You need Design Sprints


You are looking for a better way to innovate


Time – you haven’t got months to work with – you need an answer quickly


You need confidence around a direction you want to take – the consequences of getting it wrong are big


You need several people’s input and are keen to build team alignment and consensus


You’ve been working on a big challenge with assumptions but now you need facts

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Pallavi Shinde
People Development Specialist

We engaged Naked Ambition to deliver our high profile innovation program, the CEO Think Tank.

Both, Fiona and Nigel, delighted us in every interaction; always supportive of our ideas and truly listening to our expectations, helping us turn this into a bigger and better program for 2018.

As design-thinking experts and innovators, they totally own the room at every facilitation session. Our participants love them, and so do we!

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Robert Leach
Ormond College, The University of Melbourne
Vice Master

I was absolutely thrilled with the innovative Design Thinking program that Nigel and the Naked Ambition co-designed with us for our students at Ormond College. The 8 week course was hugely popular, it had an excellent attendee rate. Feedback from the students was that not only did they feel engaged and get learn important new skills and mindsets to prepare them for their future careers in modern workforce – but they had fun too!

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Liza Greenwood
Program Manager, Innovation & Pricing

Naked Ambition listened to us and were able to create a tailored training program that really worked for our people – the resulting boot-camp was jam-packed, fun and great learning experience. We’ve had fantastic results too – many of our people are now confident using design thinking techniques and are applying them to all sorts of problems and ideas.

What you will learn from Naked Ambtion's Design Sprints

Create Innovative
Identify Insights via
Reserach Findings
Apply Design
Develop at a
Confident Speed
Develop a
Research Plan
How to Bring
Ideas to Life


9 December, 2018

How we helped Coachlive go from a concept (a unique online coaching system) into a prototype validated by clients all in 4 days.