How to lead through a crisis with Amy Childs, Managing Director of Momentum Energy

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Amy Childs is the Managing Director of Momentum Energy. Momentum Energy is 100% owned by Hydro Tasmania, Australia’s largest generator of renewable energy. Amy thrives on building challenger brands in highly competitive markets and in leading complex transformations to deliver outstanding customer experience and business performance with a focus on culture and employee wellbeing. Amy joined Momentum Energy in 2016 as a member of the Executive Team and was charged with building an integrated sales and marketing team from the ground up. During her time there she has led the abolition of confusing energy discounts, grown the customer base by a third and driven a major digital transformation to improve the customer experience and to create greater efficiencies in the business. Cultural transformation has been at the heart of her leadership with the establishment of a new way of working, including enabling flexibility and driving collaboration with the fit out of an environmentally friendly activity-based workplace which recently won Gold at the Melbourne Design Awards. Previously, Amy held senior digital, sales, service and marketing roles at Medibank, ahm, Red Energy, and has worked in New Zealand for leading energy retailer Meridian Energy and New Zealand owned bank Kiwibank.

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