Revolutionising Education with Trish McCluskey

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Tune in to our chat with Trish McCluskey – the Pro Vice Chancellor of Victoria University and award winning educator and leader – and one of the people instrumental in the creation of Victoria Universities revolutionary Block Model.

Big lessons in here for the brave ones who want to do something radical – and some little (but also important) lessons in this time of lives and learning moving more online. We covered:

– How do you create a learning experiences that are more reflective/ representative of the real world

– Who comes to the party? Bringing experts and users (in this case academics and students) into the design process

– What does the board think? Getting buy-in on a big idea and the importance of influencing the right people

Trish McCluskey is the Pro Vice-Chancellor, Learning and Teaching (Interim) at Victoria University where she is responsible for shaping and leading the University’s education strategy. Trish was instrumental in the design and development of the VU Block Model, a radical reconceptualization of the traditional university curriculum. Trish is an award-winning educator and leader and was awarded the 2019 Outstanding Achiever award by the Association of Tertiary Education Managers (ATEM). She has previously served as Chair of VU’s Academic Board and member of VU Council.

You can find Trish on:

Twitter: @Trilia LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/trishmcclu…

Links to resources Trish mentions in the show:

Ted Talk by David Helfand: Designing a University for the new millennium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZQe7…

Article on the topic written by Trish: Rebuilding the First Year Experience, One Block at a Time. https://studentsuccessjournal.org/art…