Building culture, designing for unknown futures and large scale collaboration with Kai Haley @Google

Welcome to the Naked Ambition Podcast. Where we speak with the people who are making an impact in tech, innovation and leadership all around the world.

In this episode we speak with Kai Haley Head of Design Relations at Google, which supports design excellence for designers and developers building on Google’s platforms. Kai was also one of the founders and leads of the Google Sprint Master Academy, where she has trained over 800 Sprint Masters to drive innovation across Google’s diverse product areas.

We cover:

– How Google use design sprints to explore ‘Moonshot’ ideas

– Cultivating an experimentation mindset and what she looks for in new hires

– Collaborating with designers and developers across Google platforms

– How Kai and her team have trained over 800 people in the design sprint methodology

– and trends we should be watching

More About Kai:

Kai Haley is passionate about creating and teaching human-centered methodologies that increase cross-functional collaboration to create more meaningful products that improve people’s lives and the world. Prior to founding the Design Relations team, she applied her UX expertise to create monetization opportunities in Google search for the Search Ads Team. She earned a Masters Degree in Design from CCA, where she focused sustainable design practices and creating positive impact in the world.

You can find Kai on:

Twitter: twitter.com/kaihaley

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kaihaley

Personal website: https://www.kaihaley.com