Senior Service Designer

Erin Tan

As a service designer and systems thinker at Naked Ambition Erin’s loves to dive into the broader system, never letting go of the detail, in order to surface simplicity from complexity so that understanding can be reached between many. She has 4 years of experience as a service designer working in projects ranging from private, public and not-for-profit industries across health, retail, education, insurance and banking sectors.

With a multidisciplinary background in visual design, healthcare and deep expertise in design research, synthesis and analysis Erin is passionate about using her skill-set to drive human centred innovation in organisations. Erin is always experimenting and shaping design artefacts to better drive curiosity, understanding and inspire action. Moreover, being able to carry data integrity and rigour from discovery through to design.

Researcher by day, comic artist by night, Erin’s lives for people’s stories, immersing in different cultures and seeing new world views humbles her. When she is not at work you’ll find her geeking out in her Celtic mythology collection (and reading the forewords too.)

Admired by her colleagues for her strength, creative genius and generosity – Erin has also mentored and guided students & juniors through their journey within the experience industry.