Chief Innovation Officer

Olga Cuesta

Olga is the Chief Innovation Officer at Naked Ambition. She is an experienced and trusted advisor for some of the most innovative companies in Australia. Her superpower is asking questions that are full of curiosity which serve as an ignition for creative thinking and playfulness. Olga has over 20 years of experience working in projects ranging from private and public sector, in industries across health, banking, insurance and retail.

With a multidisciplinary background in economics, design and behavioral science, Olga operates in the intersection of these fields and yet, she grounds her practice in human-centered insights. Through this approach, Olga pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and influences systemic elements that accelerate innovation in enterprise.

Olga has been a Behavioural Economist and student of Positive Psychology for over two decades. She has led the customer experience and design practice at NAB and Medibank, where she not only aligned design with business viability and technological advancements, but also created a team that operates in a space of fun and possibility, delivering great learnings and breakthroughs. Olga has also led the Shared Technology Team at JP Morgan Chase in the UK, been a Lecturer in Economics at the University of CEU San Pablo in Spain and an Executive Coach with international experience.
She is also a scrum master and an NLP practitioner.