Recent days have turned the way we work upside down at Naked Ambition, we are committed to turning challenges into opportunities and we invite you to join us in doing the same! So, whether your current circumstances are challenging your team morale, project prioritisation or virtual working, here’s an opportunity for us to work through it. 

Ways we can help

We’ve uncovered some of the most pressing challenges that teams as facing right now and specifically designed sessions to tackle these challenges head on! Run a session yourself using our step-by-step guide or schedule a pro-bono session with our experienced facilitators.

flip it workshop

An easy breasy workshop to introduce ways of virtual collaboration to your team.

Flip your challenges into opportunities and generate first concepts in this workshop whilst bringing your team up to speed on virtual collaboration practises.

90 mins


Prioritisation session

It’s time to align! Use this workshop make a collaborative decision on the projects you will prioritise.

Rank your projects on urgency vs impact to make well-considered, collaborative and sustainable decisions.

60 mins


mood control center

Missing your workplace banter?

Keep in touch with your teammates and regularly check in to see how they are doing!

30 mins


Facing other challenges?


Other product offers virtually available

Virtual Design sprint

4 days

Bringing the best of Google Design Sprints to the virtual space. Form and align your sprint team so you can accelerate potentially months of work on a new product or service into just 4 days.

Virtual Design jam

2 hours 

Problem-solving tools to tackle your challenges and generate significant impact, whilst building DT capability in your teams.

Virtual Strategy workshop

2 hours x 3

Reprioritise your projects and allocate these to your resources efficiently.

tell us about what else you would like to see on here!

We’re constantly updating and evolving this toolkit to support you in this new way of working

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