From two years in the dreaming to four days in the making

How we helped Coachlive go from a concept (a unique online coaching system) into a prototype validated by clients all in 4 days.


The Challenge

What if you wanted to make your coaching business multidimensional and expand it in a few directions at once? How would you coach effectively to not 50 but 50,000 customers and do it in a way that’s exciting, efficient and empowering? Where would you start, what would you focus on, and how long do you think it would take you?

Naked Ambition helped Coachlive solve this challenge in four action packed days.

Coachlive is a well-established business, powered by Executive Central, a market leader in coaching-based solutions throughout Asia Pacific. Their ultimate goal is helping organisations achieve better performance through building leadership across the world.

For two years, Coachlive had been working on an idea to make coaching more accessible and valuable to their clients. The wanted to introduce automation to be able to deliver their services to large numbers, expand their product range, and widen the audience reach by appealing to a younger generation. The company also wanted to transform their customer experience and deliver coaching in a way that had never been done before.

Coachlive came to Naked Ambition when they reached a decision point and were ready to take their idea to the next level.  They wanted to consolidate their findings, pin down the success factors and shape their idea into an innovative new product, ready for launch.


The Solution

We knew the Design Sprint would be a powerful tool allowing the team to hit these big goals within a record time and learn a lot in the process.

Through our unique Discovery Sessions with the client we learned all there was to learn about the challenge at hand and helped Coachlive get clear on their project goals. Using session findings, our own research and the latest problem-solving methodology we then built a customised Design Sprint that helped Coachlive bring their idea to life within four days.

The process, kicked off with ‘expert interviews’ with the Coachlive team, surfaced different perspectives and created greater alignment. Our highly talented facilitators then worked with Coachlive to collaborate on a prototype of a unique new coaching tool that addressed the target problem areas.

We built a version of the multipurpose online coaching platform overnight, and invited Coachlive clients to engage with it through simultaneous remote product testing which mirrored the future coaching environment.

The Coachlive team could observe their customers’ interaction with the prototype which provided crucial insights and feedback to finetune the final design.

Their idea went live. The future was here.


The Output

We were excited to work with Coachlive through their first ever Design Sprint which was an outstanding success.

The Design Sprint, facilitated by our superstar crew, unlocked the scaling challenge, solved the accessibility issue and redefined the future of the brand.

Within the space of four days, Coachlive had on their hands a tested prototype of an innovative and exciting new tool that would have taken them months and thousands of dollars to develop.

This became possible through the hard work of Naked Ambition’s team that challenged the client’s thinking, narrowed down their ideas and helped them focus on the key points critical to the overall project’s success.

Carefully selected exercises accelerated team alignment, found a project starting point and lead the team in the right direction.

Making a prototype immediately available for their customers to test, allowed Coachlive to safely validate their assumptions and receive the benefit of hindsight in the present.

The final design will allow Coachlive to seamlessly deliver coaching to thousands of clients, make their coaches more effective and support key decision makers with useful reporting tools. The new platform will also streamline the sales process by making it quicker and easier, while allowing for data collection and monitoring to aid in the selection of appropriate coaching tools.

The company is now in the early stages of building the tool that would confidently carry their business forward regardless of what the market throws at them.

Naked Ambition’s Design Sprint no doubt will help Coachlive achieve their goal of becoming a global industry leader and trendsetter.


NA had a fresh approach. They immediately asked the right questions which helped us redefine our idea. It allowed us to get really clear on the critical success factors of the automated coaching system we wanted to design. Amazingly, NA built a product prototype for us overnight. We were really happy that we could have our customers test the actual design in real time, which was immersive and incredibly helpful.

NA’s small but impactful and deeply knowledgable team kept us on track and challenged us, when necessary. They also taught us new tools in the area of collaboration and innovation which changed the way we work. 

We had a really great time with NA and they’ve added a lot of value in the whole process. 

– Coachlive team