How Grace Papers’ used collaboration and customer research to design a new user-centred digital platform


The Challenge

Experts in gender equality in the workplace, Grace Papers empower employees by curating accountable, safe workplaces across Australia. Through a unique digital platform, executive coaching, and gender equality consulting, Grace Papers aims to improve employee experience and drive gender equality at a cultural and systemic level.


After a period of growth, Grace Papers approached Naked Ambition to improve user experience on their digital platform. Previously, the organisation provided a largely automated customer engagement solution that was delivered by their client’s workplace, rather than engaging clients directly. The new platform needed to deliver a solution that engaged customers immediately, often without the brand awareness that Grace Papers would like their customers to have.


Setting out to define a new strategy for their website and digital platform, Grace Papers wanted their online presence to be more user-centric, speak to a wider audience, and drive further sales. Focusing on increasing engagement and creating a tailored design to suit the needs of their diverse user group, we worked alongside Grace Papers to create a brand-new user-focused platform while concurrently redesigning their website and rethinking their online messaging.


The Process

As an organisation working for equality, a strong focus on user experience was a vital outcome of the project. In order to better understand Grace Papers’ perspective on the engagement issue, we conducted a virtual brand identity workshop with the senior leadership team, visualising not just the immediate changes needed on the platform, but what the platform could look like in the future.


With a clearly defined goal to diversify the platform, extensive user research was undertaken through interviews and synthesis to gain insights into the organisation’s target market, their pain points, and the user experience of Grace Papers’ current website and products. Secondary research was also conducted into gender expression in online environments and how this related to user representation and experience on the website and new digital platform. These user insights became a pivotal part of the design process with neutral design, diverse user experience, and empowerment to the user becoming the primary goals of the new platform.


Working alongside Grace Papers’ leadership team, we collaboratively shaped a new digital strategy and led a number of virtual co-design sessions to redesign the digital platform and website. The design process was hugely cooperative, with the Grace Papers team commenting that our visual process and co-design sessions were integral for internal buy in and internal comprehension of the platform. By translating user insights into design principles, we bridged the gap between what customers wanted from the platform and what Grace Papers wanted to convey, collaborating closely with the Grace Papers team to turn ideas into outcomes.


After the successful completion of an MVP build in Figma, user tests were completed to test the functionality and appeal of the new platform, culminating in the creation of a final prototype build.


We really valued the journey in collaborating with NA. Through the co-design sessions with Naked Ambition we were taken by the hand in the process and were part of every step which taught us a lot about the design process as well.

Prue Gilbert | CEO, Grace Papers


The Outcome

The outcomes achieved by our work with Grace Papers are a testament to user-focused design and experience. The research conducted not only revealed the functional tools users desired on the new platform and website, but also how they wanted to be represented by the brand.


One of the most exciting integrations in the new platform is that rather than offering a one-size solution to their client’s problems, Grace Papers now meets clients where they are. Offering a personalised quiz when a client first engages with the platform, a unique user experience is automatically created with tailored sessions based on the client’s own personal journey.


Functionality and brand representation were also modified significantly, with coaches being embedded into the platform, rather than a separate entity that required external engagement by clients. The new website design is neutral yet empowering, translating Grace Papers’ core values into communications that are nurturing, human, and real.


While the new platform has not yet been launched, Grace Papers have already felt the impact of the new product. Prototype testing has been well received, with users being more clear, invested, and excited by the platform. Together with the website redesign, Grace Papers have reported improved client interactions, a prominent conversation rate from the website, and an increase in perceived diversity within the organisation. With a better defined value proposition and competitive advantage, the Grace Papers team are excited to see the impact of their work with Naked Ambition well into the future.


The thing we valued the most was the trust that was created in the process by building safe spaces to have difficult conversations about the experiences of our users and the brand that we love so much. This resulted in outcomes that have exceeded our expectations.

Prue Gilbert | CEO, Grace Papers

Illustrations owners by Grace Papers, created for Grace Paper’s digital platform.