What it’s about

Deep-dive into our creativity tools.

Human Centered

If it seems obvious to design products and services around humans. It is. The challenge is to do it. We will show you how, why, when, and most importantly we will show you the nuances of human centered design thinking.

Creative Blend

We have taken all of our creative capability tools and combined them into 6 Modules.   Your creative abilities and design skills will achieve greater velocity.


Anyone who wants human customers

  • Learn human-centered design if you want:
    • products people will want to own
    • services based in fundamental logic and reasoning that will make a difference for clients
    • to literally be ‘user-friendly’ as a company
    • to increase customer service ratings because quite frankly your customers will love you


Expected Outcomes: shift your focus to humans

The first four modules are dedicated to establishing a designer's mindset, while the final two modules break down the human-centered design methodology of the Double Diamond. This workshop is delivered as a two-day intensive.

Module 1:
Building Creative Capability
Module 2:
The Lego® Serious Play® Method
Module 3: improvisation
Module 4: Storytelling
Module 5:
Design Research & Synthesis
Module 6: Prototyping & testing

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All products and services should be focused and centered around humans.  If you expect humans to use them.

case study on design thinking

Ormond College
Ormond College
20 November, 2018

Are college students ready to join the workforce right after course completion? Have we prepared them enough for the fierce work competition out there?