Top 5 Innovation Reads

top 5 innovation reads

Innovation is happening all around us, however, when we look at our own company and try to turn ideas into opportunities, it can be hard.

At the moment, we are helping a bunch of awesome Intrapreneurs navigate real business challenges within their organisation. We were talking with them about perspectives and looking at the challenges through different lenses.

We can get inspired and discover opportunities when we give ourselves space to observe, talk, read and think about how others see and work with a challenge.

So this week, we have curated our top 5 innovation reads that we want to inspire you when you are thinking about your next challenge.

1.  Seven Qualities of Design Thinking leaders (6 min read)

2.  Five Improv exercises every designer should know (5 min read)

3.  The “What’s Innovative?” Debate: Try Using First, Best And Only (8 min read)

4.  Twenty People Who Are Creating The Future (6 min read)

5.  How To Test Your Idea: Start With The Most Critical Hypotheses (3 min read)

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