What makes an effective Innovation Champion?

You’d be hard-pressed to find an organisation or evolved leader these days who doesn’t believe in the power of people-led innovation.

But believing in it and making it real are two very different things. We can all believe in the idea of something.

Or we can make it real!

So, what does it mean to make innovation real in your organisation?

For most, this is to see the results of your innovation efforts – taking things to market, testing (and sometimes failing) new ideas. For others it’s the intangibles, it’s felt in the culture. It’s the way people act. For organisations whose strategy is a more decentralised innovation function, one that ‘belongs to everyone’, it should be both.Innovation Champions are a powerful way to deliver on both feeling and the doing. They can be drivers of both culture and the ‘doers’ of innovation.

So, what are the characteristics of an effective innovation champion?

Check out this video, where Naked Ambition’s Founder talks about what makes an effective Innovation Champion.


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