How We Work

We partner with organisations across Australia who are looking to build their design thinking capabilities.

Our work with you normally falls into one of three categories:

  1. Workshops and custom design thinking programs
  2. Facilitation and coaching in design sprints
  3. Speaking and events

The Naked Ambition promise is we build your capability in everything we do. We don't take the problem or challenge away from your organisation. We work with you to apply a design thinking framework to tackle it.

We’ve workshopped at events, inspired executive teams, keynoted at innovation pop ups, mapped employee experiences, trained emerging leaders, worked with customer experience staff and ran Lego™ serious play sessions. We work with anyone looking for fresh ways to approach organisational challenges.

Workshops & Custom Design Thinking Programs

Want to build products and services that your customers really want? Teach your people to gain insights on what really keeps your clients up at night? We impart skills that pay the bills and we’d love to share our knowledge and help you build innovative teams.

Walking the walk is important to us. We create custom programs through a collaborative design process. We first have to understand your needs and the problem you are trying to solve. This helps establish a vision and a purpose for our shared work. Then we work together to design an experience for all participants that will be engaging and will support the purpose. Design Thinking has a bias towards action so we build in plenty of doing rather than content delivery.


Have a custom program in mind? We would love to talk to you about it.


Facilitation & Coaching

With our custom programs and our design sprints we facilitate the process of co-creation and provide coaching to your teams. This facilitation and coaching can take place inside or outside of workshop time. We understand that learning, doing and reflecting takes time and that questions and advice is needed outside of the workshop. 

Speaking & Events

You might have already guessed that we are 'just a little bit' passionate about Design Thinking. We want to reach every industry and help them to design and build better products and services, in essence be better at innovating. We regularly speak and run workshops at innovation conferences, seminars and festivals on a range of Design Thinking topics.

We have a range of event ready products. We can provide a keynote speech, appear on panels and run satellite workshops to better engage your attendees and bring a fresh design perspective to your event.


Happy Client Stories

“The Design Thinking engagement was fabulous from start to finish. Naked Ambition were well planned, considerate of our needs and provided a great level of flexibility in their approach. The delivery of the program was experiential and engaging."

Nick D'Lodivico
Head of Talent and Diversity


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