Recent days have turned the way we work upside down at Naked Ambition, we are committed to turning challenges into opportunities and we invite you to join us in doing the same! So, whether your current circumstances are challenging your team morale, project prioritisation or virtual working, here’s an opportunity for us to work through it. 


Recent days have turned the way we work upside down.

This new order, calls for a new way. Over the next 2 weeks we will be curating the best resources out there around distributed teams, working virtually, building culture (and keeping safe/sane!) to help your team not just get through, but grow through.

New updates every day at 10am.

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Learn the art and science of human-centred design:

Design Sprints

Build better products and services... faster

Imagine yourself four days from now, where a lofty idea becomes a fully-formed product or service outline. You’re ready to build the damn thing. 

And we’re ready to help you!

The best way to solve problems is by experimentation. That’s why, during this four-day design-led process, we’ll rally the right people from your team and bring them together in one room (so fun!) to build, test, learn and kick some serious product goals.

Design Thinking Bootcamp

A one-way ticket to HCD

Human-centred design is not just a buzzword. It’s changing the way we do business and lead businesses.

Design-led organisations repeatedly outperform other companies, and beyond being one of the most powerful methods to drive, design thinking fast becoming a fundamental skill in the new world of work. 

All aboard this one-day train to human-centred design and innovation. Yep, all it takes is one day and you’ll learn the foundations of design thinking, taught by our expert team who live and breathe this stuff (and who do the work every single day)! Plus we share our top-secret processes… so there’s that 😉

Business Design

Build, create and innovate

So you’ve got some Big Changes coming in your organisation (yes with capitals). You want an innovation partner who knows their stuff. Who’s been around. Done it. Lives it. 

Hi, hello! You’re in the right place.

We’ll collaborate with you on the design process from start to finish, gathering your people and your customers, and take them on the journey with us to build products and services they actually want (and need). 

We’ve worked on some big projects for banks, utilities and sports teams – so we know how important it is to bring your people along for the ride.

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HR Think Tank is back – Tickets are now on sale!
HR Think Tank is back – Tickets are now on sale!