A track record of design, experimentation and innovation success for over 10 years.

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Naked Ambition is an innovation studio. We partner with ambitious companies to create what tomorrow needs, today. Our creative team of innovation strategists, user experience (UX) designers and business designers, partner with local and global brands to drive their growth goals by testing new business models, value propositions, products and experiences.


is creating experiences the world needs and products and services people love. 

How we get companies there:
1. De-risking growth opportunities 
2. Providing certainty around the next
3. Strategic move 
4. Remove the barriers to innovate 
5. Shape the people who shape the future


Embrace the New
We aspire to bring in cutting edge ideas and innovations to our projects and always seeking to remain curious, hereby expending our basic knowledge and beliefs and models of thinking.

Be Brave. Be Bold
We constantly evolve, personally, as a team and as a business. We step into those unknown places and encourage our clients to do the same. Always looking for ways to challenge our clients and ourselves.

I’ve got you
We have each other's back and are constantly striving to support each other in becoming the strongest team we can be. Committing to adding value to each team member and delivering beyond expectations. Open with each other –don’t leave anything unsaid.

We are committed to adding value to every interaction, continuouslyimproving and delivering beyond expectations. Don’t wait for perfect conditionsbefore beginning.

We seek to make a greater contribution to our work. We want to dobusiness for good, both on the global scale and within our own team and how weinteract with each other.


We believe in evidence, not opinions.

In testing over talking.

We meet you where you are – and take you further than you have been before. We practice true collaboration. Our team + yours = as one.

In this way, we overcome the blockers you face in getting this work done.

We are both the coach in your corner – your leader out front.
We will unlock the knowledge you hold and challenge some of those long-held assumptions.

We bring wild creativity and measured reason – in the doses and contexts required. We believe in wisdom shared and we know that this serves all. We treat every client and project as though we are also owners of the company.

You have the vision for this department. This company.
Your instincts tell you this is what your clients need. What the market needs.
Hell, what the world needs.

You need the proof.
You need the confidence that this is the best next move.
You need your team there with you.

Together we build the strategy, the product, the service, the experience, the dream.
Together we show the value.
Together we create one unbeatable team.




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We are proud to partner with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies

What they say

"So we were thrilled to recently work with Fiona Triaca and Carlos Vazquez from Naked Ambition, on a collaboration that allows us to delve into specific opportunity areas where Generative AI can enhance our platform + teams’ responsiveness to the needs of the companies we support.They literally blew our minds. This, changes, everything...Their team's knowledge and practical experience have not only guided us through the complexities of Generative AI but also inspired us to think beyond the conventional."



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