Innovation Strategy

Chart your path forward with a clear and actionable innovation roadmap. Align your team, set clear goals, and drive impactful change.

What is an Innovation Strategy Sprint?

An Innovation Strategy Sprint is a structured approach to designing and implementing innovative strategies within an organization. Through a series of workshops, discussions, and activities, it helps organisations set clear innovation visions, assess readiness, design bold steps towards the vision, and draft actionable plans for implementation.

When should we do an Innovation Strategy?

Organisations should consider undertaking an Innovation Strategy Sprint when:

  • They want to set a clear direction for their innovation journey.
  • They wish to understand their current innovation readiness and areas for improvement.
  • They aim to design bold steps to achieve their innovation vision.
  • They are looking to engage stakeholders in defining, refining, and implementing innovative strategies.

Outcomes of the Innovation Strategy

Upon completion of the Innovation Strategy Sprint, organisations can expect the following outcomes:

  • A clear and actionable innovation vision.
  • An understanding of the current state of innovation and readiness for future endeavours.
  • Designed bold steps tailored towards achieving the innovation vision.
  • An actionable implementation plan for each bold step.
  • Defined key metrics to assess innovation efforts.
  • A roadmap to organisation-wide innovation.
  • Insights on the impact and benefits of innovation initiatives.

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