AI Design Jam

Innovate like never before. Develop AI literacy. Supercharge workflows. Solve real challenges.

The AI revolution is here

With Generative AI so accessible, the era of the everyday innovator has arrived.  

We now have every tool imaginable in our hands to research, design, create, test and launch, at a quality and speed never seen before.

For knowledge workers and problem-solvers this moment creates an incredible opportunity... but it's not without its challenges.

Questions like: "Where do I start?", "What tools are best for design + innovation?", "What are the ethical considerations?", "Who owns what I create?", can make you feel like it's already too late... before it's even begun.

There is a way through.  A design-led  approach, focused on finding the right problem to solve first, then leveraging the latest AI tools and techniques.

What is the AI Design Jam?

Just like Design Thinking, you don't learn AI at a purely cognitive level, —you need to experience it.

In the AI Design Jam you and your team will apply Generative AI tools including text, image and video, to a real organisational challenge.

You'll employ AI as your co-pilot in research, synthesis, ideation, experimentation and go-to-market strategy.  

And the fun doesn't stop there; together with your team you will create your own prompt wiki, a handy resource that will continue to guide your AI explorations long after the workshop ends.

From enhancing customer experience to designing new products and services, we'll show you how Generative AI can transform the way you innovate (and work).

And we promise, it's going to be a blast!

The Agenda

You choose from a full-day in-person immersive session or two days virtually and create AI fluency around a specific team challenge, opportunity or workflow.

01 - Understanding Generative AI

We'll start with the basics, demystifying AI and showing you how it can be a powerful tool for creativity and innovation.

02 - Exploring Applications

Next, we'll explore how businesses like yours are using Generative AI to solve real-world problems, drive efficiencies and enhance customer experiences.

03 - Hands-on Challenge

Now it's your turn! You'll work on a challenge from your organisation, using AI to brainstorm and develop creative solutions.

04 - Crafting Your Prompt Wiki

Finally, you'll create your own prompt wiki, a guide that will help you continue your AI journey long after the workshop ends.

05 - Post-Workshop Support

Our engagement doesn't end with the workshop. We will be with you on your AI journey, providing post-workshop support and guidance as you implement your learnings and transform your organisation.

The benefits of running your AI Design Jam

1. Team-based learning

No person left behind. AI Design Jam is a team-based learning experience. You will work on a real organisational challenge with your peers, create a shared language and create a new AI-powered way of working.

2. Solve a real challenge

Whether it's optimising operations or tackling complex problems, learn, prioritise and apply the latest Generative AI tools to a live challenge in your organisation.

3. Learn from innovation leads and AI strategists
Our team have road-tested these tools to discover the benefits (and limitations) of using AI in the design + innovation process. These sessions are powered by AI design practitioners.

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