AI Design Sprint

An intensive program focused on rapidly designing and testing AI concepts. Turn your AI ideas into actionable prototypes in record time.

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is a collaborative approach to solving big challenges and developing new products and services. It condenses what could be months of work into just four days.

When should we sprint?

  • The opportunity is big enough to warrant blocking multiple people’s time for a few days
  • The missed opportunity could be costly if not explored / or challenge isn't solved
  • The opportunity is something that needs to be validated quickly before starting a longer program of work to create it

When should we shouldn't sprint?

  • One or two people can already make a decision on how to proceed
  • You cannot commit to the time
  • You have already validated the key unknowns

Outcomes of the Sprint

Validated concept

At the end of the 4 days we will have the whole team aligned on the challenge, will have ideated solution(s) to the challenge, and tested them with a prototype, value proposition, concept and tested the most critical hypotheses.

Evidence-based investment

The Design Sprint team will present evidence-backed data to leadership/stakeholders.

Leadership will be able to make the next investment decision based on evidence from testing and the recommended experiment plan.

Skills Development

The Design Sprint Core Team will be able to:

  • Apply the language, tools and mindsets of innovation
  • Respond to a customer need / market opportunity
  • Systematically and rigorously test their idea in the field: identify critical hypotheses, select the right experiment, and gather evidence and insights
  • Decide on next steps; shelve, pivot or persevere,
  • Present evidence-backed data to leadership to access further funding

The Design Sprint - At a Glance

Where does AI come in…

..just about everywhere. Using Generative AI is an exciting - but still experimental approach. There are possibilities for greater depth, breadth and speed of research, data analysis and asset creation for prototyping representing an innovation opportunity never seen before.

Day Zero

We never shortcut the design before the sprint.

The Innovation Kick Off is part alignment/part training:

A 2-hour workshop with the sponsor group to determine:

  • Understanding the spectrum of innovation
  • Creating a common language
  • Sizing the opportunity

Output from the Kick off allow the NA team to customise the sprint.

Where required: AI research incl. Synthetic Personas, Trends, Competitor Analysis  

Day 1

Define the Challenge

  1. ‘Ask the Experts’ Interviews
  2. Define the opportunity
  3. Long-Term Goal + Sprint Questions

Concept creation

  1. AI Ideation
  2. Lightning Demos
  3. 4-Part Sketching; Note taking, doodling, crazy 8’s, concept

Day 2

Vote on Solutions

  1. Heat Map Vote
  2. Solution Presentation
  3. Straw Poll Vote
  4. Decider Vote

Create Storyboards

  1. User Test Flow
  2. Storyboarding

Day 3

Prototyping Day

  1. Build multiple high-fidelity prototypes
  2. Or Design Experiments
  3. Complete initial testing with Synthetic users
  4. Find customer testers and schedule tests

Day 4

Test the Prototype / Launch Experiments

  1. Run user tests with 5 users
  2. Refine the Business Model + Experimentation Plan



  • User Test Highlight Reel
  • Summary Report + Next steps
  • Experiment schedule (not included in the price - consulting here starts at $5k)



The core team of 4-5 are fully committed to the Design Sprint Process and available to participate the whole time. They should bring diverse perspectives but have a good understanding of the problem area and include a nominated leader (decider)


The “Experts” are from other teams internal or external who have a deep understanding and / or unique perspective on the challenge and / or view on the ideal state. They are nominated by the Core team.


This group will help us better understand specific aspects of the challenge by interacting with the prototype. We will identify who these testers might be during the Sprint Process.

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